Harness and project your human capital, it's what sets you apart!


a strong team is the foundation for any successful B2B business. Driven by the desire to win and to beat the competition, a common sense of purpose unifies and powers all participants across the enterprise. Our platform extends this collaboration beyond the project and into the creation of Case Studies.


marketing teams expend a lot of energy corralling input from diverse sources as well as validating ideas and story threads. The alternate is to loose vital support and input from key stakeholders busy with day to day pressures. RateBelieve brings a transparency to this process that makes involvement in and contribution to Case Studies easier, but also ensures participants deliver on their part of the project.


as brands continue to transition the customer journey into the digital realm,  measurement of discrete initiatives is further complicated. ROI is one effective metric that is applied to Case Studies, but is significantly hampered by attribution challenges. RateBelieve provides marketing teams with dedicated metrics that compliment ROI, but that are 100% attributable to the source content.

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Human Capital

Case Studies are the only format that highlights how your team supports your customers! How your products and services perform is important, but the best and most cost effective defense against commoditization are your people…and that's what successful Case Studies are built on.

Video Introductions for B2B buyers, Case Study readers, B2B vendors and prospective publishers as well as their support Agencies

Posting Content - Vendors

Posting Content – Vendors

Tutorial 4: How to publish a story is the first in a series of tutorials for Publisher vendors. Pressed for time, use the "Single Click" option! Or take a few moments and provide more information about your customer and the project. This ...
Dashboard Intro - Vendors

Dashboard Intro – Vendors

Tutorial 5: This is the second tutorial in a series specifically for publishing vendors, the first offered a guide to publishing your first story. As traffic increases around your content and you start to get reads you will want some insight into ...
Connect and Collaborate - Vendors

Connect and Collaborate – Vendors

Tutorial 6: This is the third tutorial in a series specifically for publishing vendors. Connecting with Marketing, PR and Comms Agencies, to facilitate collaboration on the platform, is the topic of this tutorial ...

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