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We are optimizing the case study experience for Buyers and Readers: with Accuracy, Speed, and Convenience, more for readers...

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We are transforming the way Vendors Create, Publish, and Measure case studies: with Competitive Performance metrics, Collaboration tools and Extended Reach, more for vendors...

We are optimizing the case study experience for B2B Buyers and Readers: with Accuracy, Speed, and Convenience

Case study access before!

Pre-internet, an analogue model successfully and efficiently delivered content via trade magazines. It notably offered curation for diversity and quality along with effective distribution. Smashed by the internet, the format fractured onto every B2B website on the internet. As a consequence;

  • Buyers and content readers struggle to find content
  • In digital form, it’s a very clumsy format to research
  • And is resistant to efficient review, case in point....
  • “you need to read the see if it’s worth reading!”
  • impossible to compare brand stories quickly and efficiently

Case study access with RateBelieve!

RateBelieve is optimizing the reader experience through an extensive catalogue and content augmentation via applied data modeling. Individual data replicas of each story are generated to service topical categorization and the application of a formulaic structural measurement. This gives readers;

  • Faster and more accurate search functionality
  • Pre-read performance stats that enable;
    • “at-a-glance” content review and
    • "at a glance" comparison of multiple stories
  • And then read! Easy, efficient, accurate, and better informed